Pass The Gift Of Debt Freedom To Your Kids For A Brighter Future!


Shanna Consulting is focused on helping you become debt free and build wealth for yourself and your family. Wealth Map Pro, our award winning system, will guide you in eliminating debt and saving you the most amount of time and money with our interest cancellation strategy.

With just a few details, your Financial Consultant can give you the month and year you will be debt free on our system. Once you are debt free, build wealth with our unique Wealth Building system that keeps you in control of your money.

Request your Free Savings Analysis to see how our debt elimination system is giving people control of how they can pay off all their debts in record time.

“We Will Save You Money And Make You Money!” 

Home Owners
Pay off 30 year Mortgage in 5-12 years with current budget…
Not consolidation, No refinancing and No double payments.
Pay off any debt including business loans in record time… More Info

Real Estate Professionals
Want returning clients? Want more leads?
Need income between home sales? More Info

Business Owners 
Both consumers and merchants are increasingly embracing in-app payments and app-based commerce. Retailers and merchants are ramping up their acceptance of mobile apps to provide innovative shopping experiences for customers. Here are just a few of the benefits of DNERO Merchant Payment Solutions… Flat 2% transaction fees, accept crypto currencies, monetize customer base..More Info