Sheryl Hanna

Thanks for visiting my website, I am Sheryl Hanna and I am proud to call Las Vegas my home. I am a Debt to Wealth Consultant and I encourage you to take the time to review the services I offer and call to schedule a free consultation.

Are you a business owner interested in saving on merchant payment fees and adding revenue to your bottom line? DNERO Merchant Services is for you.

Are you a home owner interested in learning how you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments on your mortgage? Wealth Map Pro is for you.

Are you interested in eliminating negative reports on your credit and improving your credit score? Edge Credit Repair Service is for you.

Do you need a way to raise an unlimited amount of funds for a business, charity or personal project? Are you short on the funds you need for a down payment on a new home? CoopCrowd Crowdfunding is for you.

My Services

DNERO MERCHANT SERVICES – A revolutionary global payment solution. Both consumers and merchants are increasingly embracing in-app payments and app-based commerce. Retailers and merchants are ramping up their acceptance of mobile apps to provide innovative shopping experiences for customers. In the United States, use of digital wallets will increase at a 45 percent compounded annual growth rate to nearly $400 billion by 2022. DNERO will be leading the charge with its innovative and first-to-market all-encompassing solutions. With DNERO, your smartphone becomes smart money.

Merchants Transform The Way You Receive Payments.
Reach thousands of new customers.
Accept Crypto Currency Payments
Receive all payments instantly in USD
Save $ on transactions fees.

Wealth Map Pro is not a debt consolidation program, and it does not require you to make additional payments to your mortgage, auto loans, credit cards etc. It also does not require you to change your lifestyle. The software is an online, personal education and financial system that uses 4 key money-saving Time Value of Money principles: Strategic Payoff, Interest Accumulation, Interest Float, and Interest Cancellation. The system pulls all of your financial accounts into one central location, and uses advanced banking strategies to create the most effective, tailor fitted financial strategy to help you achieve your goals. Eliminate all debts including mortgage in 7 to 12 years and save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in interest payments. Free consultation with analysis of your personal debt free timeline.

EDGE CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE Edge Credit System is a top of the line Credit Dispute software designed to give you access to everything you need to start disputing negative items on your Credit Reports, instantly! The system is designed to keep you on track and walk you through the entire process with the same credit management tools the professionals use.

COOPCROWD CROWDFUNDING Does your Dream Home cost more than what you can afford? CoopCrowd is a cooperative crowdfunding system anyone can use to raise funds for any purpose, business, charity or personal causes. Raise funds for a new home, new car, pay off debt, retirement, wedding or just for extra income.

“I pride myself on the importance of building relationships and offering the best services I can to further the financial freedom of all my clients by showing them the fastest way to eliminate debt and create wealth.” Sheryl Hanna