Thanks for visiting my website and please take the time to review my Portfolio of Global opportunities. Any of them can be the vehicle to help you to secure your Financial Future. When you join me in any of these opportunities, besides participating in some of the best opportunities to improve your finances, you are joining a team leader that truly believes in the philosophy that building relationships is the most important factor in doing any business. 

With the tools and technology we have at our fingertips we can build relationships globally and meet face to face on Zoom. Lets tear down the walls and boundaries that separate us and come together to create a better world with prosperity and abundance for all. 

My Business Portfolio

CoopCrowdThe first and only cooperative crowdfunding platform where givers become receivers. CoopCrowd is the first and only subscription donation platform that will build incredible residual donations. This platform is a super simple crowdfunding system anyone can do. CoopCrowd funds and pays with Crypto. A great way to build your Crypto portfolio. Raise all the funds you need to use for any purpose. And...We Prove It Free!

DNERO/iTHRIVE – A revolutionary global payment solution with the opportunity of a lifetime that fits in the palm of your hands. Use your cell phone along with DNERO App as your preferred payment method to make everyday purchases at major retailers, restaurants, theaters and more. Pay with cash or crypto with DNERO and receive cash back instantly on all your purchases. Share DNERO with others and receive cash back on all their purchases. A true passive income just for sharing the DNERO Free App!

GoFounders/OnPassive For the very first time, you do not need to be a computer genius or a marketing expert to succeed online. Massive residual income paid daily and directly, 100% effective automated business process, Guaranteed fresh web traffic each day. Use to Build any business.

Karatbars International  – Founded in April, 2011 has proven themselves to be a leader in the industry offering a safe and affordable way for the average person to acquire gold and now also offering Gold backed KBC & KCB coins. Karatbars offers an incredible business opportunity, but whether you are looking for a business or not, you need to invest in your future and build your assets. The Future Of Money is Gold and Crypto – Secure your future with a free Gold Savings Account…The timing is perfect! 

SWIG, Sky Way Invest Group – The future of transportation systems that offer you the chance to purchase an Educational Information Products/Package. Each package comes with BONUS pre IPO (before initial public offering) private equity shares in the company. We also refer to them as PIPES. Shares in SWIG will secure you financial future. SWIG is another great company where you can invest in yourself and build your assets with or without building the business.

In the same way I pride myself on the importance of building relationships I also pride myself in the importance of doing my due diligence and research on the business opportunities I join. I have great confidence in the choices I have to offer you believing that they will be here for the long term to offer you legacy wealth to pass on for generations to come. Make Your Dreams A Reality!

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