Attention Contractors and Home Improvement Vendors!

Partner with F.E.W. Associates to Showcase your Products and Services in our Showcase Homes.

Our global network of Developers and property owners are in need of high quality products and services to transformer their properties into that dream home or location and we are calling on you to be that vendor and Partner with us!

With every member we help retire their mortgage through the Blockchain Technology and WHOA Mebership we will continuously refer local vendor products and services for the upgrades and improvements the homeowners wish to make to their properties. 

Imagine how quickly your client base will grow simply by allowing us to showcase you. Are you spending hundreds or thousands on marketing? Now you have a central location with thousands of clients from around the world placing their eyes on your product and service. A client base ready with liquid access to the funding needed to complete luxury renovations or new construction using your products and services! Investors, imagine the opportunity to flip a property with no need for hiring a crew to touch a single portion to make your return on investment.

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Sheryl Hanna